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Social media platforms have become the most widely used communication media since the mobile phone. The key to capitalizing on the current social media marketing environment is to engage, entertain and build enthusiasm in your loyal fan base to encourage referrals and stay connected with your satisfied clients.

Our "best practices" social media marketing strategy is based on 7 key elements:

  1. Your Practice Personality
  2. Making it Fun
  3. Your Dental Wisdom (without being an "infomercial")
  4. Personal Testimonials
  5. Your Team Involvement
  6. Engage with Photos (Studies show that photos generate the best response in social marketing.)
  7. Frequency and Timing of posts

We offer a variety of approaches to helping you and your team in going "live" with social media - from webcast training to full service page management and guided, on-site coaching, our team is ready to support you with a successful venture into this exciting "relationship meets marketing" business environment.

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